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let’s meet restful wraps!

Name and Location:

Mary Jane Konnad, Lakeville , MN

What do you make?

Scented rice bags- Lavender, Peppermint, and Citrus

Russian Tea

Wool coffee cozies and wreathes

Weighted blankets

How did you get started? Who inspired you?

 I was making quilts out of re-purposed wool sweaters and had lots of "scraps" so I began playing with them and created the wreaths and the coffee cozies.  I loved using every bit of the sweaters that I could!

As for the weighted blankets, I had two co-workers ask me if I could make them for their sons with Autism.  After doing my homework, I made them and posted on FB what a rewarding creation they were.  11 orders came in in 2 days. 

My belief is that God started Restful Wraps and he hired me.

The Russian Tea has been my go to when I am getting a cold.  I shared it and everyone in my family asks for more!  An "adult" version is to add brandy :)

What is your favorite part of what you do?

The Restful Wraps weighted blankets are the best!  My favorite part is when someone wraps up in one and the instantly relax.  They often exhale, and smile.  It feels good to know I am using the gifts I have been blessed with the impact people's lives for the better.

The rice bags have the same impact.  They help people relax, soothe tired muscles and warm up.  One client warms hers up before leaving work, tucks it in her coat to keep warm on the walk to the car.

What is the least favorite part of your maker process?

Making weighted blankets can be hard on the body.  Thank fully my massage therapist likes to trade!

What does a day in your life look like?

I work a full time day job at Gillette Children's, then come home to my favorite 3 year old, run around with him for a bit, and then start sewing.  Most evenings are spent creating.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not busy making?

I think of other things to make...LOL  I like to make cards.  I bake too.

I like kayaking, fishing, hunting, dancing.  Right now that's all I can squeeze into my days. :)