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Name and Location:

Amy Louise - I grew up in Lakeville, MN  after college lived in Wisconsin and have recently moved back to Minnesota, I love the mid west and the change of seasons!

What do you make?

I am a designer that has created a line of inspirational jewelry offering a unique style for self expression. 

How did you get started? Who inspired you?

After receiving a BFA I spent my adult life as a perpetual entrepreneur. I worked as a graphic designer creating layouts and logos, I evolved from there to become a interior designer working in the area of  residential design and enjoyed utilizing layering and texture to create interesting spaces. Moving into the area of jewelry was a self expression of layering and inspirational message that became as business by combing my past experiences and visual gifts into one "product" . I am inspired by God and the beauty of natural textural elements.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

I love creating something from nothing, I love the challenge of taking found objects and making them into something beautiful. I love the opportunity to inspire women through self expression. 

What is the least favorite part of your maker process?

As with any business I have created there are "tasks" that go along with getting your product out into the world. Administrative work is necessary but is in my experience the complete opposite of creative work. I try to segment tasks into blocks of time that I know will not be creative but need to be done. 

What is a day in the life of making what you do?

Most days are spent organizing inventory, orders and assembly in order to get my products out to the many boutiques that carry my line I am blessed that it is so well received. I am also blessed to have many wonderful assemblers that offer me their time and talents to putting together the designs once I have created the original. I couldn't do it without them! 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not busy making?

I start each day with yoga and centering myself on the gift of each day. I am a perpetual learner always reading, I enjoy the outdoors and going to second hand stores and antique shops looking for treasures. I also enjoy pencil drawing, my favorite it figure drawing. I love spending time with my family and friends too, people are inspiring to me!