Kim's Favorite Things--Part 3!

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this three-part series of my favorite things! They truly are my favorite things and I truly do buy all of my Christmas presents here because there are so many talented artists and makers. Enjoy, and thank you for supporting and shopping  local!

A must have every year is a dish scrubby. Locally made in Lakeville, these are by far the best dish scrubbers in the universe! So simple yet so effective!

I dislike winter and I dislike cold even more—these fingerless mittens made locally in St. Paul hand-crocheted are the absolutely the most fabulous things in the world. They keep your hands warm but your fingers mobile. No more dry hands with these covering you up!!!!

This artist’s work absolutely always astounds me! I love everything he does and have a small collection of my own going over the past several years. I love these angel ornaments that are all one of a kind for $12! Perfect for any gift exchange, ornament exchange, secret Santa, hostess gift. These are simply unique!

This Minneapolis-based artist is the most fabulous metal outdoor art. Always a customer favorite! I particularly love her birdfeeders and squirrel feeders. I promised myself this year I am going to get one!

One of my absolute favorites is the granite cheese board/tray. Each one is individual and unique and handmade in Elko. Place it in your freezer, keep it outside in the winter and pull it out for entertaining put cheese, grapes, cheese ball, jams, spreads, even a bottle of wine to keep it chilled. And so affordable!

Let’s talk food… JB’s olive salsa is so versatile for pizza, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, spaghetti sauce, tacos, or just as a dip! A bestseller every year!

And my oh my, Natasha’s pierogies are simply the best comfort food around! You must come in while she is personally sampling so you can hear her delightful Russian accent! Try the sauerkraut, the garlic ginger sauce, anything she makes. My personal favorite is the  mushroom sauce. To die for!

New this year is Sara‘s tipsy pies! Yum Yum! Another great comfort food. My favorite is the bierfest that has sausage, beer and sauerkraut all wrapped up in a yummy delicious pie crust. Who knew you could carb load at the Holly House?!

Raise your hand if you like making dinner every. Single. Night. Not me! That’s why I turn to these Frontier soups at least a couple times a month. Gluten free, low sodium, all natural. And they fill a crockpot and are hearty and delicious! Stock up on these at $7.95 each. Yummy!!!