Lefse Learn About the "Norwegian Tortilla!"

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Meet the Ericksons!

We should probably cut down on the Lefse puns, but we are just so excited to feature our friends from Thor’s Lefse as you start to make Thanksgiving plans for delicious treats.

Thor’s Lefse is owned by Thor & Becky Erickson of New Prague. Thor started making lefse 8 years after his Grandpa Ed (the original family lefse maker) passed away. They noticed that something was missing from holiday dinners. It was the homemade lefse.

In fact, Thor still uses the lefse grill his grandparents used over 40 years ago to make the product you see in The Holly House Boutique! Thor’s Grandma and Grandpa Erickson are the inspiration behind the business. It’s a common bond between the past and present that much of his family uses to recall fond memories of holidays past. One of the favorite things about their business is the memories that many people have relating to lefse. Memories of loved ones. Memories of making it in the kitchen with family. Memories that connect people to a happy time in their life. It’s fun to hear customers in the boutique talking about the memories and connections that people have relating to lefse. 

If you aren’t familiar with lefse, it’s delicious and we invite you to try it! It can be served with butter, cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, or lingonberry jelly before being rolled, to be eaten in a similar fashion to a crêpe. One may also choose eggs, sausage, and cheese to make it into a breakfast burrito. There is no wrong way to eat lefse!

Thor’s Lefse can be refrigerated for 7 days, which makes today and tomorrow the perfect time to get some for your Thanksgiving!